Abuse. Addiction. Poverty. Homelessness…

Stop The Tears!

Our Mission: Raise awareness of the various types of abuse young women are subjected to, the devastating effects of violence, neglect, and abandonment, and the available resources for girls who need help.

Butterfly Tears: A Powerful Voice for Empowering Women

So many women’s lives are shattered before they can even begin.

bftButterfly Tears reveals the gripping and intimate stories of nine brave women who found the strength to turn their dark, raging worlds around.

These compelling and inspiring transformations prove to anyone who has suffered life’s hardships—to the breaking point and beyond—that there is a way out. Especially for those with desire, drive, and the support of an unparalleled organization like the Pathways to Independence Foundation.

Butterfly Tears supports Pathways by donating the book proceeds to the foundation. Every other month, all sales from our online store will sustain the Give a Girl a Smile campaign, funding supplies and lab work for Pathways clients like Mimi, who require extensive orthodontic care to restore their smiles and self-esteem. Learn more.

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