A Very inspirational book – Must read!

This book is a Must read!

I was very humbled as I read of the hardships these women endured.

Their stories were heart-rendering and quite compelling.

Nine brave young women tell us of their suffering unspeakable abuse, struggles with addiction and in many instances hitting rock bottom. Fortunately, there are organizations like Pathways, founded twenty years ago by Dave Bishop and generously supported by many compassionate benefactors. Hundreds of women have been helped and dramatically turned their lives around, thanks to the comprehensive and effective program that Pathways provides. There are too many women who have suffered from a terrible start in life, and live in despair. We’d all be well served to take the time to read this book, and become inspired to work toward helping troubled girls and young women become empowered and transformed.

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Powerful and brave

Incredible stories of truly amazing women. How brave of them to tell the horror they’ve experienced in their past and how brave of them to turn their lives around. What Pathways to Independence did for these women is nothing short of a miracle and really inspiring. The book is hard to put down and definitely a “must read”.

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A true inspiration

This is one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read. A true inspiration. Miracles really do happen–and Dave Bishop of Pathways to Independence is an angel who helps these miracles along!

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This book is an emotionally charged book.

Each life-story can make you feel upset, angry, and mad all at the same time, and then, in the turning point of each story, it takes you to an emotional triumph (you’ll cry butterfly tears). It’s truly amazing to know that there are actual human angels dwelling among us who are called to love-in-action. This book allows reader to sense polar opposite of good and evil intentions in the epitome of a human heart at its best. Must read if you’ve gone through your own traumas/struggles with an abuse of some sort, or read to benefit someone else so to understand them better. This book reveals what a true love and support from society can do to change lives one-life-at-a-time. As a reader you’ll walk away feeling what a true courage looks like. You will be inspired from the stories they tell. I enjoyed it.

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