Butterfly Tears

A Powerful Voice for Empowering Women…

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So many women’s lives are shattered before they even have a chance to begin—

Butterfly Tears reveals the gripping and intimate stories of nine brave women who found the strength to turn their dark, raging worlds around.

These compelling gut-level transformations offer inspiration to anyone who has suffered life’s hardships—to the breaking point and beyond. And they prove that there is a way out. Especially for those with desire, drive, and the nurturing cocoon of an unparalleled organization like Pathways to Independence.

Meet the Butterflies featured in the book:

  • Kasie – From Incest Victim to Med Student
  • Paige – From Convict to Government Employee
  • Ashley – From Alcoholic to Educator
  • Lin – From Sex Addict to Survivor
  • Sara – From Fear and Chaos to Sobriety and Stability
  • Annie – From Child Pornography Victim to Straight-A Student
  • Veronica – From Poverty-Stricken Immigrant to Productive Citizen
  • Kimberly – From East L.A. to Law School
  • PepperFanne – From Gang Member to Drug Counselor