Book Synopsis


From  Entrapment…

timthumb8Abuse. Assault. Abandonment. Addiction. These are the histories of the young women in the inspiring book Butterfly Tears.

Some found themselves in gangs. Others in prison. Some remained trapped in the confines of an abusive family or a painful addiction. Society had given up on many of them.

But they hadn’t given up on themselves. These women were ready to take a different path. And Pathways to Independence was there to guide them.

…to Empowerment

Therapy. Mentorship. Education. Support. These are the bywords of this ground-breaking organization founded and led by Dave Bishop—a man who first had to conquer his own internal demons.

The butterfly symbology is derived from the famous parable The Story of the Butterfly about utilizing life’s struggles to emerge a stronger person. Butterfly Tears chronicles the stories of nine young women who faced that struggle head-on and, with the help of Pathways, emerged victorious.

These women’s incredible journeys from darkness into light will elicit both tears of sorrow and tears of joy.

Pathways’ motto is to focus on what’s right in the world: Caring people. Pathways’ all-volunteer network of therapists, doctors, mentors, and even mechanics provides the support these girls have never experienced—and allows them to flourish.

Hope. Freedom. Success. Independence. These are the gifts of Pathways.

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