The Butterflies in the Book

starry-nightKaysie: From Incest Victim to Med Student

O Starry Night
“No one knows I’m planning to kill myself as soon and as fast as I can.” —Kaysie
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last-strikePaige: From Convict to Government Employee

The Last Strike
“I was brought into this world by alcohol, anger, and hostility…
eventually I landed a four-year prison sentence with an added bonus of two strikes.” —Paige
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good-girlAshley: From Alcoholic to Educator

The Good Girl
“I would do anything, including lie, cheat, and steal.” —Ashley
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Sarnightmarea: From Fear and Chaos to Sobriety and Stability

The Nightmare After Christmas
“My mother faced my father with a gun in her hand, her floor-length white terrycloth robe soaked in blood.” —Sara
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fiftytwoAnnie: From Child Pornography Victim to Straight-A Student

Fifty-Two Beats
“This evil man broke what was left of my already broken heart.” —Annie
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butterfly-tears-down-the-stairsVeronica: From Poverty-Stricken Immigrant to Productive Citizen

Down The Stairs
“Nobody knew about my family—not even my close friends.” —Veronica
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butterfly-tears-book-from-east-la-to-law-schoolKimberly: From Pregnant Teen to Pathways Success

From East L.A. to Law School
“Not only was I pregnant, but it was by a drug-dealing gang member.” —Kimberly
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safe-havensPepperFanne: From Gang Member to Drug Counselor

No More Safe Havens
“My mother said I should have been one of her six abortions.” —PepperFanne
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four-oclickLin: From Sex Addict to Survivor

Four O’Clock
“My father told me he loved his dog more than me.” —Lin
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