From East LA to Law School: Teen Pregnancy to Courtroom Victory

butterfly-tears-from-east-la-to-law-school-chapter-previewSince I was eight years old, I dreamed of becoming a lawyer. I told everyone I was going to be a lawyer. But two months after my sixteenth birthday, I found myself pregnant.
I met my son’s father when I was fifteen. He was a drug dealer and a gang member. He was just seventeen years old, but he had a car and pockets full of money—and at that age, the lifestyle was alluring to me.
Plus, this was the first man who really paid attention to me—he told me he wanted to protect me.
I told him I wouldn’t get married or have children until after college, but he just kept saying, “You’re going to be my baby’s mama…you’re going to have my kids.”
He got me pregnant on purpose.
I was trapped…