Give a Girl a Smile

“I didn’t just come second, I came last.”

MimiPhotoMeet Mimi. She comes from a dysfunctional home—one in which her parents kicked her out, choosing her brother’s drug-addicted friends over her. Mimi landed on the street with nothing. Thanks to Pathways to Independence, a non-profit organization that helps young women in need, she has a chance at a new life.

Restoring Mimi’s Smile. After entering the program, Mimi’s spirit began to heal but she still couldn’t smile. Her always-problematic teeth had never been treated. Pathways’ volunteer orthodontists were willing to provide Mimi with their services free of charge, but lab work and supplies still required funding. The Give a Girl a Smile campaign was launched in 2014 to help secure these funds through the sales of the inspirational book Butterfly Tears: Stories of Entrapment to Empowerment. And it succeeded!

Mimi graduated from Pathways in May of 2015 with a bright and sparkling smile! She is now confidently fulfilling her dream of working at a major motion picture studio.

Due the campaign’s popularity, the initiative has become an ongoing effort.

Every other month, all sales from our online store sustain the Give a Girl a Smile project, with all proceeds being applied to orthodontic expenses for Pathways clients like Mimi!

Help us Give a Girl a Smile!

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