Who Are the Butterflies

The girls featured in the Butterfly Tears have overcome incredible hardship. From abuse, to assault, to abandonment, to addiction—they’ve all found themselves trapped in situations no human being should ever experience, especially at such a young, defenseless age.

Some found themselves in gangs, others in prison. Some endured the abuse of family members or chose drugs as their escape.

Society had given up on them. But they had the will to turn their life around, if only they could get some help. Thanks to a Pathways to Independence, a non-profit organization helping young women in need, they received the support they needed. With therapy, mentorship and education they were able to transform into confident and successful women. Just like a beautiful butterfly will emerge from a restricting cocoon.

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Life’s cruelest hardships are often the powerful driving force that empowers us to emerge from the prison of entrapment—and soar.

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