Why the Book Was Created

Fulfilling Dave Bishop’s Dream

“I have a dream,” Pathways founder Dave Bishop told Wil Drouin, a longtime foundation benefactor and volunteer.

Dave’s dream was to produce a book that would spread the word about the amazing metamorphoses of the girls in his highly successful education, therapy, and mentorship program. His ultimate goal is to expand Pathways’ financial base to provide support to even more struggling young women.

“Our waiting list has over fifty applicants eager to start today,” said Dave, “but we don’t have the funds for them. It breaks my heart to turn them away.”

Wil nodded. It broke his heart too.

“So what do you think about a Pathways book?” Dave asked, smiling.

“It’s a great idea!” Wil enthused. “A book would move Pathways to a higher level of awareness and support.”

After a moment of reflective silence, Dave asked softly, “Wil, would you produce the book?”

For twenty years, Dave Bishop has tirelessly and passionately devoted his life to leading struggling and despairing young women toward a better life. He has been there for them in their darkest moments. How could someone not say “yes” to a request from this man—this Mother Teresa?

“Of course I’ll do the book,” Wil replied without hesitation.


Wil took on the task enthusiastically and enlisted the support of experienced book editor Jennifer Thomas. The pair worked tirelessly on the project—gathering heart-wrenching stories from nine Pathways women past and present, as well as from Pathways contributors and volunteers.

After a long, emotional journey, they were thrilled to watch Butterfly Tears emerge as a powerful voice for empowering women.

To date, Pathways to Independence has helped 250 young women take flight from victim to victory. Wil and Jennifer feel honored to help Dave emancipate even more entrapped butterflies and enable them to soar!