Triumphs and Tragedies

TT_3DTriumphs and Tragedies: A True Story of Wealth and Addiction

Behind the Scenes: Discover the tumultuous story of the self-made millionaire whose tragic loss of his entire family to addiction led him to become one of the largest benefactors to Pathways to Independence along with 15 other Southern California charities.

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Karl McMillen, Jr., deserved a piece of the Pacific paradise. He’d plumbed his way up from screw fittings and sweat into mega-business ownership and multi-millions. He’d earned the azure-awesome view that he woke to every magical morning. And he’d earned the ideal family at his side. A dynamic wife and two bright, talented sons with sky’s-the-limit potential.

But that storm…

He never saw it coming. It hit hard and it hit fast. The grinding gales of addiction ripped everything he had apart.

How do you go from planning exotic family vacations and evaluating real estate investments to planning prison visits and evaluating rehab centers and criminal defense pleas? How do you watch your surfer-champion sons transform into drug lords? Inmates? How do you watch your entire family die, one by one?

And yet never stop fighting.

It takes a rare and special person – Karl McMillen.

Triumphs and Tragedies opens with a feral panorama of early twentieth century California; a last-gasp look at the West before it was “settled.” When hard work was still a fundamental, and “entitlement” just meant you were entitled to work your tail off. Karl’s success epitomizes that the cleanest hands in business are the ones that smeared the most elbow grease on their way up. Karl worked, and the system worked. Karl was said to have the “Golden Touch.”

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